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  • Sounds a little like imposter syndrome. I bet there are other people on your team who think that THEY are the weakest link. People hide their difficulties and frustrations, so all you see is the finished product without any of the challenges or mistakes that they may have had.

    Complaining is a tricky one, nobody likes the Debbie Downer, who never has ANYTHING good to say, but the Little Miss Sunshine who tries to convince you there’s a Silver lining to your dog getting hit by a car, can be just as bad. I try to balance it and reflect the mood of who I’m talking to.

  • Since this is an experience you had with a single person, here’s my take on it: That interaction was one moment to you, but the other person had a lifetime to develop that mindset.

    I don’t know who you’re talking about, or what their ailment is, but they’ve probably been discussing it online for a while, and have probably gotten a LOT of medical recommendations. Some of them, great advice from people with experience, the rest are crystal suppositories.

    They probably just wanted to stick to the topic at hand or vent about an experience without having to sift through a bunch of people telling them about meds they’ve already researched or why they should go vegan.