For me its honestly a ton of my work software (digital forensics), shit is too niche to be replaced by good FOSS options. Cellebrite, Magnet Axiom, etc. Autopsy is great and free and has a linux version but it simply cannot get the same level of data without a pretty nutty level of custom code.

And the biggest side effect of this is FUCKING WINDOWS. God I would replace this nightmare OS in a heartbeat if the aforementioned work software would make linux compatible versions. We have legitimately wasted 10k hours dealing with windows bullshit that would not be a problem in linux. Though im sure linux would take a different 10k for its own problems.

What about you guys? Doesn’t have to be work related, thats just the thorn in my side right now.

  • samuellb
    1 year ago

    I really wish that you could install a clean AOSP on any Android phone, just like you can install FOSS OS’es on most laptops.

    Last Android phone I bought had a few strange “vendor apps” (one with Chinese characters only in its name), and if I disabled Google Play Services the SMS app would go crazy and show error messages (as notifications) all the time. To add, “adb uninstall” was blocked by the vendor and there was no unofficial ROM.

    I prefer small phones, so the market of phones is really really small for me :( Otherwise, I would have bought a Fairphone.