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  • Yeah. I don’t have performance issues but the game feels empty without mods. It’s kind of hard to explain. There are only a few trees for decoration for example. Houses are half floating or do not connect to the road when there is a small hill. But I have confidence that they will sort it out.

    That being said. Games that are not ready for release should not be released, period.

  • I didn’t know this is like Beehaw where you need to come hat in hand with an introductory essay before you can ask a question.


    …told people to make up their own mind, and i’m still the bad guy.

    We replied to your post. That’s all there is to it.

    …all this toxic positivity where everyone has to walk on tiptoes.

    I believe you can express nearly anything you wish. Why mention walking on your tiptoes? We’re engaged in a discussion about something on which we hold differing opinions. That’s perfectly acceptable. However, we are permitted to present our perspective.

    But I think we have now spoken to you at length enough on this subject. For me, this is a case closed.