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  • Yes exactly. Google is a big culprit of this, for instance translating descriptions of apps in Google play or giving me results on Google search in Swedish when I specifically wrote it in English. If I had wanted results in Swedish I would have written it in Swedish. Adding quotation marks doesn’t even help. I miss the time when you actually got what you searched for and not what Google believes that you search for… YouTube has an issue in the app when looking at playlist. Since the word “visningar” is so much longer than “views” the rest of the line is cut off. So you for instance can’t see if the video was posted 1 month ago or 1 year. This is more a failure of gui due to translation than the translation it self though.

    On the subject of shitty translations: a budget webpage translated “disabled”, as in “this option is turned off”, as “funktionshindrad” which means a person with a disability. I bug reported it and the initial response was:

    We do not currently support this functionality, but will pass your feedback on to our product team, who will make a note of it and try to incorporate it into our product as soon as possible.

    Two months later they wrote that it would be forwarded to their product team for “whenever there’s an update in our system”. That was 10 months ago and it still isn’t fixed.

  • Many sub contractors live on the mercy of the companies they supply. That forces them to show more goodwill than they want.

    I remember a couple years back when Ericsson unilaterally decided that they would stop paying their bills after a month and instead changed it to three months. So, do you want to piss off the biggest company in the region or do you just say “Thank you, sir”?

    As an aside, what kind of amoral sod goes around teaching companies what bills they can ignore and how morally bankrupt must you be to listen to them?