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I had a hard time setting up the new sync server for Firefox which is written in Rust because the documentation is very bad.

After a lot of try and error and reading comments of people in the issue tracker I finally was able to set it up and run it successfully.

Mostly for my future self, but perhaps it also helps other people I documented it with help of a README and a docker-compose.yaml which makes it easy for me to upgrade if necessary and also to store all the other config files with examples.

  • Mio
    10 months ago

    Yes, you can write bad code and that matters most. Rust is more low level than high level language. Rust is new so not much bloat library has been written yet :) So far I have seen many lean Rust applications in the open source world. Please note I used the word “should” - no guarantees.

    SQLite makes minimum memory usage much lower than MySQL. Many that would selfhost this is just for one single user and don’t need a standalone database

    I can image that the application itself for doing this would not require much ram at all but having a MySQL requires much more ram usage in order of magnitudes.