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I had a hard time setting up the new sync server for Firefox which is written in Rust because the documentation is very bad.

After a lot of try and error and reading comments of people in the issue tracker I finally was able to set it up and run it successfully.

Mostly for my future self, but perhaps it also helps other people I documented it with help of a README and a docker-compose.yaml which makes it easy for me to upgrade if necessary and also to store all the other config files with examples.

  • JeenaOP
    47 months ago

    Nothing, that is not the point.

    The point is that I don’t want Mozilla to store my personal information on their servers, especially not all my passwords and surfing history.

    • @Mio
      17 months ago

      Save in terms on load I mean CPU usage. The question is how much money they will save by we utilize this instead. I does think it is as heavy like ChatGPT or anything like that.

      Personally i dont save password in the browser. I use keepassxc and the web extension to the browser. But Firefox sync for all Firefox settings, sending tabs etc.